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Metro Monitor is committed to providing the most comprehensive, cost effective, and easy to use media analysis services. By combining TV News, Radio News, Online News, and Social Media monitoring into a single platform, clients gain the ability to cost effectively monitor, manage, share, and analyze all of their media coverage.

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Metro Monitor provides news monitoring of all local and national TV news programs. From the top markets to smaller markets, plus the national and cable networks, Metro Monitor’s news monitoring services deliver throughout the day, every day, powerful information needed by Public Relations and Strategy Management professionals.

Metro Monitor also provides comprehensive online news and social media monitoring. By monitoring more than 40,000 online news sources, over 5 million blogs and social media sites, clients gain the ability to monitor online and social media mentions at the hyper-local and national level. Metro Monitor’s Online News and Social Media monitoring services deliver real time access to the media information necessary for Reputation Management and Competitive Intelligence.

TV News Clips

TV News Clips

Metro Monitor records all of the news all of the time. Our video news archive contains the most comprehensive media content in the United States including all 210 U.S. television markets and all national network and cable programming. Our media archive includes hyper-local news programming from local public access and cable TV stations and extensive local and national radio news content. News clips are available from many stations for years after the original broadcast date. TV News clips can be delivered anywhere anytime. Video clips can be delivered in the format of your choice.

Digital Delivery - Streaming video delivered right to your desktop. Most of our clients prefer to have their news clips delivered via a digital link that allows them to immediately view, share, and download a permanent copy of their news clips.

DVD - High Quality news segments output to DVD.

Video Preview - View an unedited high quality stream of your news clips shortly after the actual air time.

Unlimited Video Downloads - Subscribers to our proactive media monitoring service can access unlimited views and downloads of their selected news clips.

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Media Monitoring Services

Media Monitoring Services

When your client or company is mentioned on TV news broadcast or radio news programs, online news sites, blogs and social networks, we'll be tracking it. The Metro Monitor database is continuously updated with content from mainstream news, online news, and social media sites. Metro Monitor provides instant notification of your media coverage and quick video delivery of TV news mentions in the format of your choice. With a subscription to our media monitoring service you can get the full picture of your media coverage at an affordable price.

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SS Media Analysis Dashboard

Media Analysis Services

With our Media Control Center, you gain access to the most complete media monitoring service available which gives you unprecedented control over your communications efforts. By merging all of the needed tools into one dashboard, you can review, organize, analyze, share, and store your broadcast, online news and social media mentions. This allows you to save time and increase the value of your efforts. Also included in the Media Control Center is a Public Newsroom feature that allows you to integrate your broadcast and online news coverage into your existing website. This gives you with the ability to easily share and amplify your message with a much larger audience.

Our media monitoring dashboard provides access to all news, metrics, and stored media via several intuitive tabs. You can create customized media reports that can be emailed, exported to Word and Excel, or downloaded to a file that can be utilized for internal presentations. Your results are instantly updated and searching against the most comprehensive data set in the United States including all 210 U.S. television markets and all national network and cable programming. Our data set also includes hyper local news programming from local public access and cable TV stations and extensive local and national radio news content. The Media Control Center provides the industry's highest quality Preview Video. The streaming video allows you to view your TV news coverage soon after it airs. With our edit and download tools you can quickly edit a high quality news clip that will be permanently stored in your online account. All stored clips are available for viewing anytime from any device.

By utilizing our media analysis tools, you can quickly see your results in a graphical display. You can work with the default charts or customize the look and feel you need for your visual media analysis. All charts and graphs can easily be shared via email and downloaded for use in presentations. Our platform also features an online Video Archive system that is easily accessible from any web browser. No longer will you have to search for that hard to find DVD or hope that a link to a website hasn't expired. A simple E-mail allows you to share links to your clips making it quick and easy for others to view important news.

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